December 2012 Archives - AC Fly Fishing - Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing
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December 2012

Holiday Update

There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past few weeks. Some pretty serious storms have come and gone, rivers have raged and dropped back into shape, it has rained sideways, snowed cotton balls, gusted over 40 and the sun has even shined down on us for a few days. As of right now the Lower Sac has less than a foot of visibility. I don't see that changing for at least a week or so as the source of the mud is Keswick Res. Before the Sac blew out it was gangbusters up through town. As soon as the river starts to clear a bit - things should pick up where they left off. In the winter months the Lower Sac is usually at her best with...

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LKK – Summer Sessions

Time off for a fishing guide in Alaska is a rare thing, so when we do manage to get some we try and make the best of it. After watching clients whale on fish day in and day out - it's nice to get a few ourselves. Check out some footage from this past summer 2012: AK 2012...

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