January 2013 Archives - AC Fly Fishing - Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing
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January 2013

The Sac is Going OFF

The past couple of weeks on the Lower Sac have been VERY GOOD. Flows have been stable at 4500 cubes and the river is continuing to slowly clear, currently with 3-4 of visibility down towards Anderson. With the milky water the fish still seem to be poded up pretty good. The key to success is locating those pods and staying on them. Chances are you'll poke multiple fish from the same spot. We have seen some impressive fish come out of the Sac recently. ...

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Area Update

LOWER SAC We have had some crazy warm, 70 degree weather here the past couple of days in the Redding area.   And I am glad to report that the Sac has started fishing pretty well with the warming conditions. With the river slowly clearing the fish are starting to eat bugs much more consistently - although eggs patterns still seem to be the top producer. The best water for me recently has been the stretch from Bonny to Anderson. If this warm weather trend continues we will hope to see the big spring (brachycentrus) caddis hatches happen a bit early. Last year the caddis started to pop in mid-february, and we were treated to some EPIC dry fly fishing. Don't miss your chance to get out on this river in...

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Post-Weekend Report

I spent the past few days on the Lower Sac. For some unknown reason the Sac seemed to have lost visibility over the past couple of days. With the water clarity LOW and the temps COLD it made for some tough fishing conditions. The wind that decided to show up on Saturday and stick around through Sunday made things even tougher. Danny and Pat were up from the Bay Area for the weekend and decided to brave the tough conditions - they were up here to fish and fish we did. The theme on the Sac these days continues to be quality over quantity. These boys put some great fish in the net. Temps are going to be climbing into the high 60s the next few days. If the river...

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Winter on the Lower Sac

Winter on the Lower Sas is one of the best times of the year to hunt for big fish. The past week has proven just that. We haven't been getting big numbers of fish like we were the previous few months - but we are getting some really quality fish. The river conditions haven't changed much in the past week - there is still about 2 feet of visibility on the top float. Check out some of the fish that have made it to the net recently.. ...

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