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August 2013

Saying goodbye to Alaska

I just finished up my short guiding stint in Alaska. It feels like just yesterday I was unloading my gear from the Navajo at the runway.. now i'm sitting in a dinky hotel room in Anchorage awaiting my flight back to California. With only one day off over the past five weeks I am happy to be sleeping in past 5:00am. I am lucky to have experienced this special place again, while I am still young and able to walk about the rivers, through the trees and over the tundra with ease. Working in Alaska is not something that I will be able to do forever.. and I think this season I really realized that. That realization has made me appreciate it all a little more than in years past....

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Back in Alaska

I've been back up at the Lodge for almost two weeks now. It sure is nice to be back up here with the boys working long days again. The cooler, wet weather has been a perfect change of pace from the hot temps in the Northern California Valley. I don't usually feel this way, but climbing into the waders every morning has felt good. I've spent most of my time on Upper American Creek, Moraine Creek and the Kulik. All three rivers have been fishing well as of the last two weeks. The sockeye are in the middle of full spawn over on the American and we have been catching wads of char and leopard rainbows over there.. The Spawn just kicked off a week ago on the Moraine which...

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