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November 2013

Louisiana Reds

After a busy Fall season of guiding, I took a good friend up on an offer to head down south and chase some big bull Redfish in the Louisiana Marsh. This is the time of year when the big Reds from the Gulf follow the shrimp and crab into the shallow marshy flats to chow down. Strictly a sight-fishing game - if you cant see em, ya aint gonna catch em.. it's as simple as that. A series of conditions have to align for it all to happen. Sunlight, clean water, tides, and wind are the major factors. We were lucky to have primo conditions for 3 of the 6 days. The fishery down there is pretty darn special - I was absolutely blown away by the vastness of the...

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Winter Transitions

It's been a while since my last report and quite a bit has changed up here in the underwater world. The smell of decaying salmon is strong along the Lower Sac these days, signaling the end of the big Fall spawn. The rainbows up in town have slowed their gorging process and have been acting pretty snobby this past week. There is good fishing to be had in the upper stretches - it's just much less consistent (and much more unpredictable) than it was earlier this month. The fish are transitioning from the redds to hanging out in more of the winter water spots. When the fish are eating, they have been pretty quick - so veteran anglers are putting bigger numbers of fish to the net than the rookies....

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