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February 2014

Spring on the Lower Sacramento River

Springtime, specifically March and April is one of the best times of the year to be fishing the Lower Sacramento River. Currently, the spring Caddis have been coming off good during the warmer days, joined by a smorgasbord of other bugs, Mayflies and Midges included. Low water conditions coupled with abundant hatches of aquatic insects is a recipe for some truly amazing trout fishing. Most people think fishing under an indicator is the ONLY way to get 'em on the Lower Sac.. well this isn't necessarily the truth in the spring time. For you dry fly junkies, big spring hatches can provide good windows for throwing the floating bug. I am expecting one awesome spring fishing season here on the Lower Sac. My Spring calendar isn't completely filled in yet,...

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Intersecting a Migration.

We'd been watching flow charts and weather forecasts for two months. We knew they were out there still, breathing salt, pissed off, waiting for freshwater. A storm finally showed up, raising a specific coastal river enough to allow these wild fish to charge upstream. We dropped everything and drove hundreds of miles in hopes of shaking hands with some of the most badass fish on the globe. We took a shot. We were rewarded.  ...

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Go Fish.

I promised myself I was going to fish more this year. In the past couple of years I've allowed myself to get away from my personal fishing time a little too much. Things pop up more and more these days and it's easy to bail on a planned day off to fish. As much as I enjoy guiding, lets face it - Its a job and at times it can start to turn into a bit of a grind. I was reminded recently, by a few incidents that life is short and incredibly fragile. In the blink of an eye the rug can be pulled out from beneath your feet. A few weeks ago, I was told by an old timer;  "No matter how old or young you are, your...

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