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March 2014

Bug Factory

The Lower Sacramento River supports over 2,000 bugs per sq. foot of river bottom. This crazy statistic has become easy to believe over the past few weeks on the water as I have witnessed some of the biggest mayfly hatches that I have ever seen. Blue Winged Olives, March Browns and PMDs have been POURING off. With rafts of mayflies floating downriver in the afternoons, there have been quite a few fish looking up and we have capitalized with some awesome dry fly sessions. Check out some more images below: ...

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The Lower Sac has remained solid for the past month. Yesterday the weather took a 180 on us, bringing rain and colder temperatures while not putting a damper on the fishing at all. It looks like we have at least a week of rainy weather ahead of us. Bring it. We need it. This type of weather usually kicks the mayfly hatches off strong. Yesterday we saw March Browns, PMDs, and Blue Winged Olives - all come off in good numbers. Jim was persistent and was able to raise some good fish to the dry fly yesterday afternoon in some slick, glassy, technical water. Way to go Jim. Click here for more Lower Sac snapshots ...

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Spring Dry Fly

We don't always get the opportunity to fish dry flies on the Lower Sac but during the past few days it has happened.. With strong hatches of Spring Caddis, PMDs and Pink Alberts there have been a few spots on the river where we've been finding the fish looking UP. Combine the start of the big spring hatches with the low flows and we can expect these dry fly windows to keep popping up for the next few months. Follow the LINK to check out more images from the SAC this spring. ...

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