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April 2014

Diversity on the Lower Sac

From top to bottom the fishing remains steadily GOOD on the Lower Sacramento River. The diversity that this river has to offer is incredible.  On a float yesterday with a few buddies, we saw this unique ecosystem that the Sacramento River provides fire on all cylinders. We saw 6 different species of fish, Eagles, Hawks, Osprey, Wild Turkey, and even witnessed a full grown Mountain Lion attack a family of geese at the rivers edge. We caught loads of healthy, wild rainbows and even found a lone steelhead. I honestly can't think of a better place to fish this spring than the Lower Sac. Click the image below to check out more images from the Sac ...

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Lower Sacramento River Report

The great fishing on the Lower Sacramento River has continued over the past week. The main bite has been starting in the late morning and lasting into the early afternoon. PMDs have been the staple bug recently and when these plump, pale Mayflies start to pop for a few hours, the bite has been VERY GOOD. I have had a lot of first time fly fishers out recently and they have had no problem hooking plenty of fish during this mid-day hatch window. The weather has been great too, a lot of days in the 70's and 80's with a slight breeze to keep us cool. If there is a better place to be fishing for big, wild rainbow trout this spring, I'm not aware of it. I still have a...

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Fishing on the Lower Sac remains good to very good. The Hatches the past couple of days have been sparse at best but the fish have continued to eat well despite the lack of bugs hatching. PMDs still seem to be the most prevalent bug out and about but i'm already starting to see some Hydropsyche Caddis come off with this warmer weather. The flows remain VERY LOW at just over 3k cubes. The best bite for me has been first thing in the morning and then again in the early afternoon. It's hard for me to imagine a better option in the state right now for catching big, wild rainbow trout. ...

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