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May 2014

Upper and Lower Update

The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing very well as of late. The flows are low and the big hatches are just starting. The abundance of Golden Stones and Salmonflies has had the fish looking up most of the day, so prospecting with a good dry/dropper setup has stuck a lot of fish. The water is already getting very warm on the lower end of the river so be super careful while handling and releasing your fish. As the water temps increase, playing a fish to death becomes more likely. Tread lightly. Click Image to check out more USac Photos Not a whole lot has changed on the Lower Sac recently. Fishing remains good to VERY GOOD for anglers who can mend, get that oh so important "dead drift" and set a...

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Good gets Better

The Lower Sac has fished well for the month of May. Since the flows have come up two weeks ago, the fish have settled back down and and have been absolutely chowing during certain parts of the day. It seems like a lot of the fish are already coming off of the spawn and are looking to pack the weight back on. The bite has been INSANE the past few days with a lot of big fish showing up. We've been fishing off anchor more and more recently and a handfull of spots have been giving up big numbers in skinny water. It's shaping up to be a great summer of fishing on one of the best tailwaters in the country. Click the photo below to check out more of the...

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Lower Sac Update

The flows have finally started to come up on the Lower Sac. They are currently steady at 7,500 cfs. This is a great flow for this time of year. Bigger flows allows us to do some longer floats and cover quite a bit more water. The fishing has been fair to good most days and the best window to get 'em seems to be late morning and early afternoon. The fish haven't really been keyed in on a specific bug, so it has payed to continue to switch up your combo throughout the day. I've been getting them to eat a smorgasbord of flies. With this warm weather bearing down on us right now, we can expect to see the summer caddis hatches get going strong here very soon. Check out...

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Steelhead Camp – Prince of Wales Island

I just got back home from steelhead camp on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Like California, Southeast Alaska is experiencing very low water conditions and a lack of snow in the higher elevations. We had skinny water most of the trip, making for some tough, technical fishing. That being said we still managed to get into fish everyday and some impressive fish made it to the beach over the course of the week. The island itself is an incredible place to explore and experience these wild steelhead. We got a good lay of the land this year and should have it absolutely dialed in for next years trip. Lee Kuepper is an awesome photographer and captured some sweet images from the trip. Click the photo below to see some...

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