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April 2015

April Update

The Lower Sac has continued to kick out some great fishing over the past few weeks. The hatches have gotten better as the flows have started to come up. The river is currently sitting at 7k cubes and will likely stay around this number as summer rolls around. For those of you who were concerned about the river "closure" please don't worry. The river is only going to be closed from the HWY 44 bridge up, which really only takes away about a  mile of trout water from us. There is over 30 miles of great trout water below this, so there is no need to worry. This closure will be lifted on August 1st. This is one of the best options in California for wild rainbow trout that will...

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Lower Sac Update and Openings

The trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento River is as good as you will see it right now. We've had some banner days over the past few weeks. The bugs are coming off a little better on the cloudy, overcast days with some fish looking up in certain spots of the river. PMDs, Caddis and March browns have been the main items on the menu. We are expecting the fishing to stay solid as long as there is no major bump in flow (which is highly unlikely due to our states water scarcity). Now is the time to be up here. I have this coming Saturday and Sunday (April 18-19) available. Jump on it if you want to get in on some of the best trout fishing of the year. Follow this...

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Lower Sacramento River Report and Closure?

The Lower Sac has continued to kick out some great fishing over the past week. Still, we have yet to see the bigger hatches that the spring usually gives up. There are some spring Caddis still around, PMDs, March Browns and a few Salmonflies, but not in great numbers yet. Probably a symptom of the low water and more silt covering the gravel than usual.. Despite the lack of big bugs hatching the fish are still very healthy and eating well. Check out some more photos from the river here Other River News: California Department of Fish and Wildlife proposed closure to a section of the Lower Sacramento River. Some interesting news coming from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Follow the link above to read the entire article. Apparently, DFW thinks it will...

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