June 2015 Archives - AC Fly Fishing - Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing
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June 2015

Summer Dry Fly

We've had some great opportunities to throw the dry fly over the past week. From the McCloud to the Lower Sac, fish are looking up in the early morning for spent caddis, small mayfly and trico spinners. Evenings have been consistently pushing the hydropsyche caddis along with small pale evening duns. There is no real reason to be out on the water mid-day right now. Doing a half day in the evening followed by a half day in the morning has been the way to go. We've got plenty of cold, clean, fishable water up North right now and some killer trout fishing happening. It's been very rare to see another boat on the Sac during the past few weeks.. Which is really nice.  Check out some of what's been happening...

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Summer Fishin’

The temperatures are climbing back into the 90s starting tomorrow. Redding is far from the coolest place in the summertime but the Lower Sac will continue to kick out some great fishing opportunities. Even during those triple digit days we see some of the biggest, hottest fish of the year. The McCloud has also been a good option.. we had some great fishing there last week. The thunderstorms that rolled through had the mayflies going good, specifically the Green Drakes. Fish were looking up most of the day. The Golden Stones are right around the corner. BIG NEWS The top mile of river (From Posse Grounds to hwy 44) has been closed for over a month now and will reopen on August 1. The past few summers, August has been provided some...

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