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July 2015

Realities of the Delta

The California Delta was once the most dynamic estuary in the world. It supported some of the strongest runs of Anadromous fish on the globe. Obviously, populating and developing the state has changed this ecosystem dramatically. It's not all doom and gloom but better policies and decisions have to be made in the future if we want to keep any of our native fish species around. What happens downstream, certainly impacts what is happening upstream. Check out this great Article from Peter Moyle describing some of these "realities". P.S. Despite issues further south in the Delta, we have some world class trout fishing in the North end of the State. I still have Sunday, August 2nd and Thursday August 6th available for a Lower Sac day. The top Section of the river...

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River Re-opening

I just had a few trips cancel for the beginning of August. For those of you who are unaware, the Portion of the Lower Sac from Posse Grounds to hwy 44 bridge has been closed for the past 3 months to any fishing. This section reopens on August 1. I'm expecting the big fish that live in this section to be in the mood to eat your flies. Never has  a section of the river been closed to trout fishing like this. Should be a hell of a time to be on the upper floats. My open days are: August 2, 5-6. Very large trout live in this section of the river.. ...

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The Dog Days

The "Dog Days" of summer can kick out some really solid fishing on the Lower Sacramento River. With many of our trout streams in California running low, clear and warm, the Lower Sacramento River sustains a good flow with cold water temperatures, making for some happy, eager trout. Thomas Goodwin, of Gotta Stay Fly came out last summer during the "Dog Days" of summer to shoot a little video on the Lower Sac and highlight some of the goodness this big tailwater has to offer. https://vimeo.com/105940275...

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Back in the Saddle.

I just recently got back from a great vacation to Roatan, Honduras. Erika and I got to spend a week on the island. Such a quite, relaxing place to waste a week. I got to experience my first real guided experience and it was outstanding. We fished two short morning sessions for Permit on the flats. Conditions were far from ideal but we saw plenty of spooky fish and had a few legitimate shots that just didn't pan out. Our guide worked his ass off in the nuking wind but we just weren't able to make it happen. A few of those long, heart stopping follows to the boat is addicting. This vacation was not a fishing trip by any means.. but next time it might be. This is definitely...

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