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August 2015

North State Update

It's been a great summer so far. Busy.  A lot of our rivers are fishing well, from the smaller freestone tribs, to the big river, we've had a lot of good fishing happening up here. Sure, it's been hot in the middle of the day so getting out early and off early is recommended. I keep hearing reports that fishing on the Lower Sac is "dead", in fact I almost had a client cancel today because he was convinced we'd have crappy fishing with all the "guide reports" he's heard. He was pretty damn happy that he didn't cancel today.. The fish are certainly getting quicker out there and a bit more picky but there is still some very good fishing to be had. Getting a "dead drift" in the...

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Get it in while you can..

So, there has been a lot of talk about an "El Nino" coming to the west coast late this Fall and into the Winter. Rumor has it this El Nino has the potential to be stronger than Bruce Lee and arm wrestling falcons.. Levee breaks, mud slides, floods and mayhem might be in store this Winter. If this turns out to be true, we might have a hard time finding fishable water. If these things are necessary to help replenish our States freshwater supply, bring it on. I'd suggest getting your fishing in early this year, just in case those crazy climatologists are correct. We've had some extremely good fishing happening in the North State recently. Click here  to see some more snapshots from the river ...

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World Class

Since August 1st, the fishing on the Lower Sac has been lights out good, with a lot of very big fish being hooked daily. Giving the top few miles of river a rest for three months seems to have allowed these fish to gorge, uninterrupted. A few clients, that fish all over the globe for trout, classified their couple days of fishing out here recently as "World Class." We've got one hell of a trout fishery here and it's running tip top right now. The weathers has been mild and the boat traffic light. No need to wait until the egg drop in October to have some incredible fishing for some oversized trout. Open Days for August: 10, 12-13, 22-26. Click here for more images from the Sac ...

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