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August 2016

Back from Alaska

Just recently back from our two week Hosted Trip up to the Kenai Peninsula. Going from 110 degrees at home to 62 was a pretty nice change of pace. I almost forgot how to put waders on. The weather was a little wet during the first week and had the river bigger and dirtier than normal but she still produced multiple big fish opportunities to every angler each day. The small stream walk and wade fishing was very good as the sockeye were just starting to spawn and all the fish were keyed up on eggs. Sight fishing the skinny stuff behind spawning salmon is a blast. The second week brought a little reprieve from the rain and the river dropped and cleared up nicely. A lot more fish were...

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Opening Week and The Circus

Well, the opening week of the Upper portion of the Lower Sac was a Circus. The fish were, as we expected pretty eager to eat anything that resembled a dead drift. Plenty of boats that have no clue what they're doing out there were catching fish. That's swell and all but I prefer the days when you "do it right" you are rewarded. That being said it was a fun week of fishing for everyone who got to experience it. It was a little strange to go from seeing very few boats out there in June and July to seeing 30 plus boats on August 1..  The entire river is fishing very well right now so choosing to go downriver was the thing to do to find some solitude and great...

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