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Back Home

After 4 months in the bush of Alaska i'm happy to be back home in Northern California. As great as Alaska was, it's nice to be back in some warmer weather, wearing flip flops and t-shirts again. It was one hell of a season up in Katmai. I had the opportunity to work with some solid individuals again this season. The camaraderie amongst the guide staff is probably the thing I will miss most this winter. Getting up for 20 weeks straight, two hours before sun up, with the same small group of guys can create a pretty strong bond. Sitting around the bar at night at the end of the season, sipping whiskey and swapping stories about the previous days events, bitching to each other about unappreciative guests, crappy weather,...

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Katmai Update – July

We are about half way through the season now and time has really seemed to fly by with a full house at the lodge since opening. I spent a lot of time over on the Nushagak River from mid June through mid July chasing the kings around. The Nush supports one of the largest Chinook Salmon runs in the entire world with annual runs averaging 200,000 fish. I was fortunate to be able to experience this legendary river during the peak of the run. We had an outstanding season over there this year with multiple 20 fish days. I have also spent a lot of time over on Brooks River and Idavain Creek - both tributaries to Nak Nek lake. Brooks has been a solid rainbow destination pretty much all...

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Dispatches from AK

It's been about three weeks since I landed in Alaska. Lodge 'opening' has felt like an eternity. There have been a lot of chores to take care of in preparation for the long season ahead of us. With a lodge staff of over twenty (Guides and Pilots included) we have all been busy, painting buildings, sanding and oiling decks, mowing lawns, pruning trees.. the list goes on. Pretty much everything that has nothing to do with the rivers or fish. The trout season opened up here on June 8th - since then we have had some opportunities to get out on the home river and explore a bit. I have also been flown out to a few of our other destinations to scout and learn the systems. This region had a pretty harsh...

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