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Area Update

Area Update

Lower Sac

Fishing has been tough on the flow change days. Flows are currently up to 11,000 cfs. We aren’t expecting them to get any higher than that this summer.. if they do, Lake Shasta might disappear. Let’s hope the flows stay here. As long as there aren’t any more big bumps coming from the dam the fishing should remain steady. Big fish live here… Always.

Upper Sac:

Fished well for a few days last week. A lot of Goldens were around and the fish were looking up. Dry dropper mid-morning was the ticket. This river should remain a good option through July.


Fishing has been good on the McCloud recently. Golden stones up towards the top of the river have kept some nice fish looking up. I had the opportunity to spend some time teaching fly fishing to a few youngsters this past weekend. It’s always rewarding to see kids get into the sport and really dig it. Thanks to Wild Waters for such a great trip. What a blast we had.


The Salmonfly thing has wrapped up on the Upper Klamath. Last week we saw very few of the big bugs flying around. The water temps have already climbed up into the upper 60s which seems to have moved most of the fish out. We were still able to find some good fish looking up and quite a few juveniles to munch on the dry fly. No need to start thinking about the Klamath again until September.

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  • Stephen Starke

    Hey Anthony
    what do you use to check flows daily? Fishhead? r is there a better site/app.

    June 26, 2014 at 6:36 pm

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