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Area Update

Area Update


Lower Sacramento River - Big Buck

Lower Sacramento River – The Lower Sac continues to fish well. Today it was nearly 80 degrees here in Redding! The warm weather had the caddis hatching early in the day. We managed a few nice fish on the surface before 10:00am. Around noon the PMDs started coming off and that’s exactly what the fish wanted. If you are heading out to the Lower Sac, have a dry fly rod on deck because there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to throw a dry to a rising fish. Keep a close eye on the glassy soft spots near the banks – the rise forms have been slow and subtle and are very easy to miss.

Klamath River - Gary's Big Buck

Klamath River – The Klamath fished surprisingly well this weekend. The small storm that moved through at the end of last week mixed things up a bit. The flows got bumped up from 1,000 cfs to 1,300 cfs. This small bump in flow moved some fresh fish in and stirred up the fish that have been around for a while. The bite wasn’t on fire but there were enough eager fish to keep it interesting.

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