Atmospheric River – Update

We have been getting walloped with rain this winter.  This is great for the fish and the drought situation but it causes us guides to have to cancel and reschedule quite a few trips. The double edged sword.  The Lower Sac is currently at 30k cubes coming out of Keswick. Yes, the river is big – don’t try to wade it right now.. As the rains slow down this Weekend the river should start to clear and should be back into fishable shape by the middle of next week. Don’t be too frightened by the big water.. Big flows on the Sac can make for some pretty stellar trout fishing. As long as we have a few feet of visibility, fishing should be good next week.

Most of the Trinity should stay out of commission until the middle/end of next week as well. The majority of the other steelhead venues in the North State have stayed out from the constant rains we have had. Expect that to change by the end of the month as the long range forecast is calling for a longer period of dry weather.

I had to drive a little further to find green water last weekend BUT we were able to find a few.

More photos HERE

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