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Back in the Saddle.

Back in the Saddle.

I just recently got back from a great vacation to Roatan, Honduras. Erika and I got to spend a week on the island. Such a quite, relaxing place to waste a week. I got to experience my first real guided experience and it was outstanding. We fished two short morning sessions for Permit on the flats. Conditions were far from ideal but we saw plenty of spooky fish and had a few legitimate shots that just didn’t pan out. Our guide worked his ass off in the nuking wind but we just weren’t able to make it happen. A few of those long, heart stopping follows to the boat is addicting. This vacation was not a fishing trip by any means.. but next time it might be. This is definitely a place to revisit during their “Permit Season.”  It certainly is refreshing to be away from pulling on the oars for a chunk of time like that. Rejuvenated. Now it’s time to get back to work.

Conditions on the Sac remain good. We’ve got a cool weather pattern around right now which is really nice. It’s looking like it’s going to be in the 80s the next few days and then up into the 90s next week. Great summertime conditions. Again, morning and evening fishing is where it’s at right now. We had some good, consistent dry fly fishing happening last month. The windows are usually small but the big fish like to look up at last light. Fishing on the McCloud has slowed a bit from what I’ve heard in the last few days but the bigger fish are starting to show up more consistently. July and August don’t usually provide the big numbers June does but the quality of fish increases. Always a fun time fishing on the McCloud.

I was pursued by a Barracuda one of the days we were snorkeling.. You can see some more photos from Honduras and our local fishing by following the link below.



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