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Fall Fishing Report

Fall Fishing Report

Lower Sac– Well, the presence of spawning Salmon is pretty much non-existent this Fall on the Sac. The Egg drop never quite happened. Pretty sad to see dozens and dozens of empty spawning redds. Even with the lack of Spawning salmon, we have had some good to very good fishing most days. If you show up expecting to catch a bunch of fish in shallow water behind Kings – you may have been disappointed. We have been catching most of our fish on bugs.. in the redds and in bug water. Some days it’s been caddis and some days its been little baetis and mayflies. Like I said, even with the absence of spawning Salmon we have still managed to have some very good days out there.

Trinity and Klamath– It seems like the past few years of drought are finally catching up with the anadromous fish. There are fewer Steelhead on the Klamath this year than I have heard of in a long time. The Trinity seems to be pretty scratchy as well. We have had a few decent days over there, hooking a few fish a day but those big double digit days of the past two years aren’t happening yet this year. Be prepared to fish hard and well all day to maximize your opportunities over there.

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