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False Fall

False Fall

It was starting to feel a lot like Fall the past few days up here. Mornings were crisp and daytime temperatures weren’t getting past 75. I didn’t even turn the AC on for a few days. It looks like that is going to change this coming week as temperatures are predicted to get back up into trip digits. Bummer. The fishing hasn’t changed much.. The Sac (per usual) is still one of your best options to wrestle with very large, wild rainbow trout. They can be a bit more fickle on some days but we’re still getting plenty of opportunities. Fish seem to me more excited about Caddis than anything else right now. We netted 3 fish today that were 22″. Again, we are losing a lot of flies to big fish that move fast. You can’t put the brakes to a juiced up Lower Sac slug, buckled up to a sz 18 bug on 5x. It doesn’t work. I’ve still got some days open this month. Get involved before the October crowds get to town.

Check out some of our fishing from the past week here.

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