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Good is only gettin’ better

Good is only gettin’ better

Fishing on the Lower Sac remains solid. The top has fished consistent most of the days i’ve been up there. The best window seems to be mid morning through the early afternoon and then again right before dark. The fish up top are super hot right now. I’ve lost a lot of flies to clients trying to put the brakes to fish in the last few weeks. And we have put some really impressive fish to the net. There has even been a few mid-day windows to throw the dry fly to some good noses. The lower floats have been kicking out some STELLAR fishing in the morning hours and then after about lunch time the eating starts to taper off drastically. Overall, the windows that the fish have been chowing in have been plentiful and if you know where to be during these “windows” you can have some great fishing. A variety of different bugs have caught em recently, Caddis, Stones, Mayflies and Midges should all be involved right now.

Click the Images below to check out more snapshots from the river.

Trout on the Sac will eat the floating flies…

Chris with her little “two footer”

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