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June Dispatch

June Dispatch

Fishing has been good to great throughout most of the rivers up this way. I will try to let a few of the following photos tell the story of how it’s been.

The Klamath River has kicked out some good Dry Fly fishing recently. The Goldens and Salmonflies are out and fish are looking up…

The McCloud and the Upper Sac have some big bugs helicoptering around too. Evening fishing is where it’s at on these freestone streams right now:

(^ Image from Casey Holley ^)

And of course, the Lower Sac has been giving us some killer fishing as well. Mornings and late evenings have been the time to be on the water. Last light dry fly fishing is alive and well right now. If you want the chance at a few big, bad, Lower Sac trout on a dry fly, now is a good time to check it out. A half day float on the Sac is highly recommended.

Don’t let the drought scare you away from fishing this summer. A lot of our streams are spring fed, providing cold clean water to our trout. Fishing will remain good for a while. Get out there and get after em. Checkout more from the river by following this link.

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