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June Wrap up Report – Sac, Klamath and Fall River

June Wrap up Report – Sac, Klamath and Fall River

The fishing on the Lower Sac has remained good, even with the massive fluctuation in flow recently. The river went from 14k cfs up to 16.5k cfs in a 24 hour span this week. It’s currently back down to 13.5 cfs and dropping.. Usually when the flows jump up so quickly like that it can throw the bite way off. Luckily, the recent bump in flow hasn’t really done that. The fish have continued to eat well in a few particular spots on the river. A lot of different bugs has been catching fish on the Sac the last couple of weeks, although it seems like the Caddis and PMDs have been the main attraction.







The Klamath saw a pretty good Salmonfly hatch this month. Due to the early warm weather the bugs started to come off a bit early, but as of last week the hatch had tapered off and is just about over. Wait until September to think about heading up to the Klamath again. The Kings should be back in full force followed by a bunch of steelhead. Fall is a fantastic time to fish this river.




I had the chance to head out to the Fall River with good buddy, Gabe Duran recently. The Hex are going pretty good right now and should only get stronger as this warm spell settles into the North end of the State. Fishing the Hex is a great time and Gabe knows just where to be when these giant, prehistoric, fortune cookie-sized Mayflies hatch. If you are at all interested in fishing the Fall, I highly recommend getting a hold of Gabe – he knows the river well and will show you a great time on this giant spring creek.

Hexing goes like this..

You roll up late evening and wait…


Wait some more…


Get your rod dialed…


Wait a little more…


Then the bugs start to magically appear, gulping starts.. and all hell breaks loose.


The prize.



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