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Katmai Update – July

Katmai Update – July

We are about half way through the season now and time has really seemed to fly by with a full house at the lodge since opening. I spent a lot of time over on the Nushagak River from mid June through mid July chasing the kings around. The Nush supports one of the largest Chinook Salmon runs in the entire world with annual runs averaging 200,000 fish. I was fortunate to be able to experience this legendary river during the peak of the run. We had an outstanding season over there this year with multiple 20 fish days. I have also spent a lot of time over on Brooks River and Idavain Creek – both tributaries to Nak Nek lake. Brooks has been a solid rainbow destination pretty much all season. Idavain is a killer little grayling stream that I spent a handfull of days hiking into with guests. The Kulik has been pretty tough since the fry migration came to an end a few weeks ago. The few fish that are in the river have been tough for our guests to get to with high water that requires deep wading, long casts and slow swings. On calm days we have been able to take guests up to the feeder creeks at the top of Kulik lake where the fishing has been downright kick ass. There are about 6 creeks that feed Kulik lake, and the rainbows have been stacking up at the mouths of these creeks. There have been decent hatches of big brown drakes which has made for some stellar dry fly. And if the Mayflies aren’t coming off the fish have been eager to kill a mouse skated over the shelves. The first pod of Sockeye showed up at the mouth of the Kulik today. It won’t be long now until there are gobs of ‘bows behind em. Here are a few snapshots from the past couple weeks.

Brooks 'Bow

Nush Chrome

Mouth Full

Leaping Sockeye

Mt. Oakley

Sculpin Eater


DBL Haul

My Neighbor

On the Prowl


Feeder Creek 'Bow

In Flight





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