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Kill Clippers

Kill Clippers

Hatchery Steelhead (Steelhead that have a “clipped” adipose fin) are tasty creatures.. especially when you get em close to the Ocean. It’s important for all anglers to realize the importance of killing hatchery fish when you catch them. There is a plethora of negative impacts that hatchery fish have on the populations of wild fish. Read up a little bit and learn some of the science on WHY hatchery fish are further harming populations of wild fish.

Here is a little recipe that I got from my good buddy, Lee Kuepper.

Fillet, debone and skin.

Cut into strips. Roll in large grain kosher salt, then in brown sugar. Lay in brine bowl with layer of brown sugar on the bottom and sprinkle more brown sugar on top.

After this has been done to all of the strips, ad a mixture of (50/20/20/10) Yoshidas marinade, real honey, real maple syrup, and soy sauce. Set in cool area to brine for 36 hours, stirring every 12 hours or so.

After brine – lay strips on drying racks for 24 hours. The strips should start to get firm and turn nearly see-through in some spots.

Smoke for about 8 hours on very low heat with your favorite wood chips or chunks. I like applewood.. No higher than 150 degrees. Enjoy the deliciousness.

If the Adipose fin is there, Keep that fish wet and let him swim away. Click below to check out some more images of wild steelhead.

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