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Louisiana Reds

Louisiana Reds

I just got back from Louisiana a few days ago. Redfishin’ with a couple of the boys I worked in AK with the past few years. It’s a welcomed change of pace down there – much different than the freshwater game we play here in Northern California. Watching a Red chase down and kill your fly is bad ass to say the least.. Their vision isn’t great so you can get fairly close to them, putting the fly right in their feeding lane is important. Once they see it and commit, they’ll swim through a brick wall to put that thing in their gut. Their armor is tough – requiring an electric saw to get to their flesh when filleting them out. And they’re delicious too. We ate Redfish just about every night coupled with Oysters fresh from the docks. Livin’ is good down there. Captain Hunter Hutchinson knows the marsh as well as anybody and is a top notch individual. He’s a fishy fella. If you are ever considering heading down that way, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND hiring Hunter to put you on them. (Shoot him an email @ hhutch86@gmail.com)

Click the image below to to check out some more snapshots from Louisiana.


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  • Aunt Linda

    OMG That is a large fish with a built in weapon! I hope you are very careful down there Anthony! No wonder you were so pooped out for Turkey day! Looks like you were livin’ the dream!! Woo Hoo!

    December 2, 2014 at 2:49 pm

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