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Lower Sac and Klamath Report

Lower Sac and Klamath Report

Lower Sac

The Lower Sac is still kickin’ out some good to great fishing (what’s new..). Fish seem to be moving out of the redds a bit so don’t be afraid to tie on a bug or two. Besides huevos, stoneflies and small dark attractors have been fooling em.. The water has been dirty for the past week or so. My best guess is that it’s coming from the mud slide that happened up on Mt. Shasta back in September when a piece of glacier broke off (Check a video of the event here). I’m not sure how much longer it will last but the river remains very fishable. The big crowds of October seem to have moved on.. which is nice.


The Klamath has a wad of fish in the system this year. I’ll be up there through the weekend and expect to see some good steelhead fishing. Based on the number of fish we’ve been seeing – December should be a very solid month steelhead fishing on the Klamath.

Follow this link to check out more snapshots from the river

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