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Lower Sac Update

Lower Sac Update

The Lower Sacramento River remains a great trout fishing option this summer. Recently, we’ve been seeing both quality and quantity up and down the river, from downtown Redding to Cottonwood. Despite the lack of hatches the fish have been eating well throughout the day. Fish don’t seem to be too keyed in on any specific bug, it’s just important that you put those bugs in the right spot. Not many drift boats out on the river recently either. Flows are currently sitting at 7,500 cfs and are projected to drop down to 3,500 cfs by October 1. This is actually a really good thing as it will reduce the amount of Salmon redds that will be left high and dry like last season.

You don’t have to wait until the “Egg Bite” to get in on some great Lower Sac trout fishing!

Click the photo for more images from the river

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