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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

The Sac is currently sitting at 5k Cubes and flowing green. We’ve had some very good days out there recently for winter standards. Fish are more concentrated in their winter spots and eating a pretty diverse menu of bugs. Midges, Baetis, PMDs, Caddis, Stones and the round fly are catching quality fish right now. More than anything it’s about putting it in the right spot.. they don’t really like to move very far to eat your fly this time of year. There have been some big fish bending the rods recently. Expect more of the same for the coming weeks. Checkout more from the river here.


I was able to spend a little vacation time down in the Bayous and Marshlands of Louisiana last month with two of my best buddies. After the hectic Fall season; It’s always good to remind yourself that you still like fishing. We had a hell of a time down there. I am going to be piecing together a hosted trip down there for the first week of November in 2017. Inquire for details. Checkout some of the footage of the previous few trips with THIS LINK.

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