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Mid-Month Report

Mid-Month Report

Per usual, the Lower Sac has continued to give it up on a regular basis this spring. The Lower drifts have been vacant, and I have been spending a lot of my days down there recently. The entire river is fishing well. Still, no big hatches.. the PMDs sputter just about every day. Soon, they should really start to go off. If this happens, there will be fish looking up in certain spots. Stoneflies are moving around a bunch right now too. The next warm streak of weather we get will be exciting.. The Pit, Upper Sac and McCloud are all going to fire up here soon. General Trout opener is only two weeks away now – Expect some really good fishing on the smaller streams soon. May and June are my two favorite months on these Freestone streams.

My next open days are April: 25, 28-29

Check out some more snapshots from the river here


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