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Miscellaneous Fishing

The compass points north

In one week I'll be on my way back up to Alaska for another summer season of guiding in America's final frontier. Soon, the sunscreen and sandals will be replaced by fleece and wool. The glass driftboat and oars will be exchanged for aluminum sleds and outboards. It's not always easy to explain to folks what we do or why we do it - but it's being in places like this that is at the heart of it all. Here are a few photos from last season This season I will be working at Kulik Lodge along with my good friend Matt Formento. Be sure to check in every once in a while for stories, photos and shenanigans going down in the Great North.  ...

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Surface Assault

A good buddy of mine invited me out for some Delta Bassin' last night. What a great change of pace from trout fishing. There is nothing delicate about fishin' bass with a fly; big bugs, barbs, rope for leader, loud retrieves, and strong strip sets. The fight is nothing to write home about - it's all about the eat. When these predators decide they're going to kill your fly there are no bones about it. Most blow ups send a wake from bank to bank rockin the tules back and forth. According to the boys, we hit it right on: Water temps in the low 70s with an outgoing tide. The bucket-mouths were right where they were supposed to be and they were eating like there was no tomorrow.    ...

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Quiet Places

It eases my mind to know that there are still places that exist that aren't written about in magazines and aren't talked about in fly shops. Small intimate places that aren't hammered by anglers day in and day out. A buddy of mine dropped me a hint some time ago about such a place. So, with a few days off to play, I wondered out into the unknown to explore someplace new.        ...

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Hittin’ the Road

Due to some wild weather the past few days here in the North State there weren't many rivers in shape to fish. So, with a few days off - Matty and I decided to make the trek out to the desert in search of cleaner water and eager fish. Friday turned out great - we had to deal with some wind (as usual in the desert) but the air was warm, the bugs were out and the fish were eatin'.   By the way - The Lower Sac should be in great shape this coming week. The temps look like they are ging to be climbing back up into the 70s which should start that caddis bite back up....

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