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No shortage of Goodness.

No shortage of Goodness.

The past few weeks have been tough to beat. The Lower Sacramento River remains en fuego, The Klamath has a load of fish in the system this year AND we are finally getting some rain to fall on the thirsty ground of Northern California. I’m happy not be on the water today as it’s blowing over 35 mph outside right now.

I just finished up an awesome group trip with a few boys from Bozeman, Montana. I first fished these guys a few years back up at the Lodge in Alaska and convinced them last year to come out to Northern California to sample some of what we’ve got. They were blown away. They talked a few buddies into coming out with them this year and they crushed it again. It’s funny, so many people think they have to go to Montana, Idaho or Alaska to find quality fly fishing.. while we’ve got anglers traveling from Bozeman to spend a week fishing Nor Cal. Pretty cool.

Obese egg eater..

I’ve got 5 days still open in November. These days are the 5th-7th, and the 29th-30th. These are prime dates for trout and steelhead fishing on the Lower Sac as well as Steelhead fishing up on the Klamath. It’s looking like this winter is a going to be great for Steelhead fishing on the Klamath. Jump on a November or December trip while they’re still open.

Click the photo below to check out some more snapshots:


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