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North State Report

North State Report

Fishing in Northern California has been damn good lately. The Lower Sac remains a great option. A half day float is just about perfect during these hot summer days. The fish have been eating most consistent from mid morning through the early afternoon. The evening Caddis hatches have been making for some good dry fly fishing opportunities as well. Day time temps have been reaching triple digits recently, but the cold clear water flowing from Shasta Lake has kept our trout happy and eating well. Some of the hottest fish we hook on the Sac come during the summer months.

I spent a few days recently taking some folks into the Pit River and we’ve been having a blast. Fishing has been a bit scratchy in the middle of the afternoon, but once the sun starts to hide behind the canyon walls and shade is cast onto the river the fishing has been getting very good. Nymphing has been the name of the game here with some impressive fish being hooked each day. Remember, you have to be a strong wader to get around and fish this river effectively. For those of you who can get around and wade into some of the tough to get to spots – you’ll be rewarded.

The McCloud has been fishing well as of late. Similar to the Pit, the McCloud has been fishing best once the sun is off the water. Hatches of both Caddis and PMDs has had fish looking up. You have to love this river for it’s consistent dry fly fishing.

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