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Northern California Fishing Report

Northern California Fishing Report



The Lower Sacramento River has been fishing WELL – especially considering the low (3,000 cfs) clear water conditions . There are some winter salmon on redds in certain spots of the river which has kept the egg on the menu along with midges and various mayflies. We’ve even seen some decent PMD hatches lately on the warmer days, which the trout have been all over. The little front that moved through late last week sparked a few days of excellent trout fishing. The lower floats below Anderson have continued to kick out at least a couple steelhead each float down there, along with plenty of trout. The best part about being out on the water recently is that there have been virtually NO OTHER BOATS on the water. Absolute solitude. I cant think of a better place to be trout fishing this winter than the Lower Sac.

Click HERE to view more shots from the SAC


The Klamath River remains LOW, flowing just over 950 cubes. With such low water a lot of the spawning tribs are barely a trickle, keeping most of the fish in the main stem and accessible to us. Good for us fishermen but ultimately, not great for the fish. There have been a lot of fish in the entire system this year which has made for some great days of steelhead fishing. We haven’t had a bad day up there yet this season and if the conditions stay right – i’m guessing this should last into February.

Click HERE for some more shots from the KLAMATH.

———- Gettin’ out to Play ———-

I took a couple days last week to explore a new system in the State of Jefferson with my good friend, Chuck of Wild Waters Fly Fishing. To sum it up – we had two days of epic steelhead fishing without seeing another angler the entire time.

Click HERE to check out some more STEELHEAD PORN

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