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October Update

October Update

The highly anticipated “egg drop” has yet to really happen this Fall. There are VERY FEW Salmon in the system this year.. Which shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you consider the reckless water management that has occurred over the past 5 years. You cant’t leave salmon redds, loaded with eggs, a foot out of water every year and expect to see salmon return to the river. There is a myriad of problems these fish face but dewatering active spawning redds is at the heart of these issues. It’s really unfortunate that the agriculture demand downstream influences our flows without any consideration for keeping a semi-healthy run of anadromous fish.  With that being said we have still had some great fishing on the Lower Sac. The big Caddis hatches of  Summer have subsided, the Baetis hatches have not kicked in yet and there are very few eggs in the river. Getting a little creative with picking your flies and knowing exactly where to put em matters right now. Do yourself a favor and fish with someone who knows whats going on out there. We see so many out of town, clueless guides taking clients down the river this time of year. I feel bad for those folks that get that experience. There are some fish showing up over on the Trinity.. not boat loads like last year but enough to have a good time. Rain this week should certainly stir things up and push new fish up.. A few inches of rain expected from Thursday through the weekend. Bring it. Dark, rainy conditions in the Fall can bring out some banner fishing.

More photos from the river here. 


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