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Opening Week and The Circus

Opening Week and The Circus

Well, the opening week of the Upper portion of the Lower Sac was a Circus. The fish were, as we expected pretty eager to eat anything that resembled a dead drift. Plenty of boats that have no clue what they’re doing out there were catching fish. That’s swell and all but I prefer the days when you “do it right” you are rewarded. That being said it was a fun week of fishing for everyone who got to experience it. It was a little strange to go from seeing very few boats out there in June and July to seeing 30 plus boats on August 1..  The entire river is fishing very well right now so choosing to go downriver was the thing to do to find some solitude and great fishing. The Hydropsyche Caddis hatches have been impressive and Lower Sac trout are quite fond of them this time of year.. There have been a lot of small Baetis, PMDs and Tricos everyday as well but those plump little caddis really get their attention best. Expect the Big River to stay on cruise control until the Salmon start to show up in early October.. with that will come the mayhem that is the “Egg Bite.”

My next open days for the Lower Sac are: August 30-31, September 1-2.

There have been a lot of very big trout hooked this summer. Checkout some images from the past few weeks of fishing here.. 


Ill be on the Kenai Peninsula for the next two weeks hosting a few groups of sports on the Kenai River. I’m extremely happy to be getting out of the heat.. I’ll have to remember how to put waders and boots on again.

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