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Post-Weekend Report

Post-Weekend Report

I spent the past few days on the Lower Sac. For some unknown reason the Sac seemed to have lost visibility over the past couple of days. With the water clarity LOW and the temps COLD it made for some tough fishing conditions. The wind that decided to show up on Saturday and stick around through Sunday made things even tougher. Danny and Pat were up from the Bay Area for the weekend and decided to brave the tough conditions – they were up here to fish and fish we did. The theme on the Sac these days continues to be quality over quantity. These boys put some great fish in the net. Temps are going to be climbing into the high 60s the next few days. If the river slowly continues to clear – we should have some really solid winter fishing on the Sac soon. As long as the river stays cloudy, big stoneflies and eggs should be on the end of your leader.

I also spent some time on the Klamath at the end of last week. It has been darn cold up there. The water temps were just above 34 degrees at the put in. Water that cold makes for some pretty lethargic fish. After lunch, the river warmed a few degrees and the bite turned on for a couple of hours. There is no doubt the fish are there – it’s just a matter of getting them to move to a fly in frigid water. Temps are expected to warm up towards the end of the week and should wake those fish up a bit.

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