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Quick Area Update

Quick Area Update

The Lower Sac had a phenomenal fall due in large part to the abundance of Kings spawning throughout the river. Over the past week the rainbows have made the transition from eating eggs to a more bug-based diet. In certain parts of the river you can definitely still get fish to grab the egg but bugs, specifically BWOs have become the top item on the menu. Today it absolutely poured rain here in Redding but the weather man says that is supposed to taper off by tomorrow morning. Without a doubt this rain will stir things up a bit and should move more steelhead into the lower river. Over the past couple of weeks we have been finding decent numbers of steelhead from Anderson to Red Bluff and this storm we are experiencing at the moment should increase the numbers of steelhead downriver. If you haven’t floated the lower stretches of the Sac, November through January can be a great time to do get down there in search of some red hot Sac River steelhead.

The Klamath River has also been fishing well. The upper stretches below Iron Gate have proven to be a bit more consistant than the middle river but with this storm moving through, the middle stretches of the Klamath should have fresh steelhead moving in and the fishing up top should only improve. November through January are great months to be on the Klamath – we see some of the biggest fish of the season during these months.

A few snapshots of what’s been happening on the river the past few weeks:


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