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Rain, rain, rain..

Rain, rain, rain..

So, it turns out El Niño is the real deal. The series of storms we’ve had have been pretty relentless. Most of the Steelhead rivers in Northern CA have only had a few days of fishable water this month. Even the Trinity has been blown most of January. It looks like we’re expecting another couple of inches of rain in the next two days that will likely render the Trinity out of commission again.

As our Winter Steelhead fishing opportunities have suffered, we’ve had some above average trout fishing happening on the Lower Sac. The Sac has stayed green and fishable throughout most of the storms. If you are jonesin’ to catch some steelhead sized trout, I can’t think of a better option in the State than the Lower Sac. As much of a pain in the ass all this wet weather is for Steelhead chasin folks, these storms are ensuring a lot of cold, clean water for us in the long run. We’re hopeful for a few small windows in February to get after Winter Steelhead.

Check out more snapshots here

Lower Sac trout tend to be pretty Large in the Winter..

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