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Realities of the Delta

Realities of the Delta

The California Delta was once the most dynamic estuary in the world. It supported some of the strongest runs of Anadromous fish on the globe. Obviously, populating and developing the state has changed this ecosystem dramatically. It’s not all doom and gloom but better policies and decisions have to be made in the future if we want to keep any of our native fish species around. What happens downstream, certainly impacts what is happening upstream.

Check out this great Article from Peter Moyle describing some of these “realities”.

P.S. Despite issues further south in the Delta, we have some world class trout fishing in the North end of the State. I still have Sunday, August 2nd and Thursday August 6th available for a Lower Sac day. The top Section of the river reopens on August 1 after being closed to fishing for 3 months. You should expect some very good fishing to be had in early August..

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