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River Updates and Forecast

River Updates and Forecast

Lower Sacramento River

There is some good news to report on the Lower Sac.. The river is slowly starting to turn more green than brown and visibility is improving little by little. Even with these dirty water conditions there are plenty of fish to be caught. We tend to see the bigger fish of the year show up in dirty water. The big boys and girls have to eat a lot more to sustain their size than the smaller fish, forcing them to chow without being nearly as picky as they would be in clear water.

An example of the quality of fish that show up in dirty water:


We’ve had a great year of steelhead fishing in the State of Jefferson. The Klamath is slowly winding down as many of those fish are reaching the reproduction phases of their migration. There are still plenty of options now through the middle of March to catch a magnum steelhead in the area. I’ve got a few days open still this month. Inquire for details.

Click the Photo below to check out some more Steelhead shots from this winter’s sessions:

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