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Sac River Reports

Sac River Reports

It has been a fantastic February on the Lower Sac. Flows have been low and stable for the most part and the water is clearing still, slowly but surely. In the last week or so we have been getting a lot more fish to eat bugs over eggs which is an excellent sign of clearing water and warming  temps. We have had a few days of caddis explosions with the warmer weather but it’s definitely not in “full swing” yet. The weather man is projecting daytime temps in the 70s next week which should really get those big spring Brachycentrus caddis going strong. The wind has been the only thing that can put a damper on the day. . we have had some days of strong 15-25 mph winds which can make fishing the Lower Sac very difficult. I’m listening to the wind whip around the house right now – and I sure am glad i’m not sitting in the rowers seat today. If you catch it on a nice calm day – the fishing has been something to write home about.

I have made it up the hill to the Upper Sac a few days this months and the fishing over there has been pretty darn good. The wading isn’t easy right now because of the bigger flows but if you can get your bugs down to the dance floor in the right spots you will find some quality, hungry rainbows. The flows have dropped from over 1,000 cubes earlier this months to about 700 currently. If the flows stay around 700 or continue to drop, the Upper Sac should continue to produce.

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