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Steelhead Camp – Prince of Wales Island

Steelhead Camp – Prince of Wales Island

I just got back home from steelhead camp on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Like California, Southeast Alaska is experiencing very low water conditions and a lack of snow in the higher elevations. We had skinny water most of the trip, making for some tough, technical fishing. That being said we still managed to get into fish everyday and some impressive fish made it to the beach over the course of the week. The island itself is an incredible place to explore and experience these wild steelhead. We got a good lay of the land this year and should have it absolutely dialed in for next years trip.

Lee Kuepper is an awesome photographer and captured some sweet images from the trip. Click the photo below to see some more of Prince of Wales.

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  • Uncle Meatwad

    Dude. I need ole’ Lee to come hang out with me for a day…holy sh*t! Beautiful shots. The one of you casting the green line, need to get that posted up somewheres.


    May 23, 2014 at 3:54 pm

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