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The compass points north

The compass points north

In one week I’ll be on my way back up to Alaska for another summer season of guiding in America’s final frontier. Soon, the sunscreen and sandals will be replaced by fleece and wool. The glass driftboat and oars will be exchanged for aluminum sleds and outboards. It’s not always easy to explain to folks what we do or why we do it – but it’s being in places like this that is at the heart of it all.

Here are a few photos from last season

Saddle up

15ft. 10wt. can't turn a hot King

Swingin' for Kings

Heading home for dinner




Streamer Eating Grayling

Early Mornin Tiller

Stick 'em up

Chrome Sockeye


Rain and hot coffee

Swingin' silver at the mouth

Twistin' thread

Late season buck

Just in case..

Fresh Silver


Big 'Bow

Waiting on the Beav

This season I will be working at Kulik Lodge along with my good friend Matt Formento. Be sure to check in every once in a while for stories, photos and shenanigans going down in the Great North.


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  • Scott

    Looks like paradise.. salmon, greyling, and obese rainbows.
    Change of pace for the soul.
    Take care o yourself up there my friend.
    As time always flies, see you soon

    May 27, 2012 at 5:04 am

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