The Lower Sac

As of today, The Lower Sac is flowing at 13,000 cubes and is green with just about 3 feet of vis. The flows have fluctuated quite a bit in the past month from 5k-30k. Amazingly, the fishing has remained excellent through all of that. Despite the lack of bugs hatching, the fish have been chowing and are in great shape. There are a few caddis, random mayflies, stoneflies and sallies around but very few bugs compared to what we’re used to in April and May. Those massive PMD hatches were non-existent this Spring. It is pretty amazing to see that our fishery is in as good of shape as it currently is, considering how rough the winter conditions were. As the weather keeps getting warm, you can expect to see a lot more caddis out and about. Those chunky Hydropsche Caddis should be the driving hatch for the coming few months.

I have a few more dates open in June. I’m looking forward to those summertime temps pushing those caddis here soon.

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