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Lower Sac

We had some solid rain up here the past few days. Damn, it feels good to see the skies open up like this finally. It’s been a long time coming. Flows from Keswick are down to 3,500 cubes (Which is nice and low) and expected to stay here for most of the winter. I was on the river for a few days recently with a couple of new anglers. The river fished very well for us over the course of the trip. Yes, the water is dirty still (2-3 ft visibility) but the fish are eating in the right spots. They even ate smaller bugs.. There are still a few salmon around and the redds that are fired up definitely have egg eating trout around them. It will be interesting to see how the clarity changes in the next few days with these storms moving through. I don’t imagine the water gaining much clarity anytime soon, which is just fine with me.

Jeannie with her first Big Lower Sac Rainbow. Many more followed. Click the photo below to see some more of the Lower Sac

Klamath River

I’ll be up on the Klamath River through the middle of next week. I’m expecting the fishing to be pretty similar to what it had been. There is a great run of fish this year and i’m expecting the good fishing up there to continue. I still have some open day in December and january for steelhead trips up on the Klamath. This would be a great year to check this river out if you’d like to dance with some wild winter steelhead.

Click the Photo below to check out some more images from the Klamath this season

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