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Upper and Lower Update

Upper and Lower Update

The Upper Sacramento River has been fishing very well as of late. The flows are low and the big hatches are just starting. The abundance of Golden Stones and Salmonflies has had the fish looking up most of the day, so prospecting with a good dry/dropper setup has stuck a lot of fish. The water is already getting very warm on the lower end of the river so be super careful while handling and releasing your fish. As the water temps increase, playing a fish to death becomes more likely. Tread lightly.

Click Image to check out more USac Photos Not a whole lot has changed on the Lower Sac recently. Fishing remains good to VERY GOOD for anglers who can mend, get that oh so important “dead drift” and set a hook. There have been blanket PMD hatches the last few hours of light which has provided for some kick ass dry fly fishing to big green noses. The Hydropsyche Caddis are becoming more and more prevalent as well. Don’t let the summer heat deter you from this river this summer – fishing can be epic.

Click the Photo below to check out more images from the LSAC

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