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Here is a pretty good website on Water in California. A lot of issues in “mismanagement” come to light during these low water years. Follow THIS LINK and educate yourself a little bit about water in our state and how our fisheries are being impacted. I’m still blown away by how many “fishing people” I talk to that are clueless about the source of the rivers they spend so much time fishing. Some people don’t even know that the Sacramento River flows to the Pacific Ocean. Read up.

This fish just recently migrated from the Pacific Ocean:

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  • Tommy Baker

    That’s some heavy reading but really good stuff Anthony, thank you. I always appreciate the education I get when fishing with a guide, especially on a new river or stream. I learned a lot about the Lower Snake, back-country streams and beaver dams from the guides while in Wyoming last month.

    I am sure clients will know where the Lower Sac flows to once you get through with them!

    September 15, 2014 at 5:56 pm

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