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When it all comes together..

When it all comes together..


Lower Sac -

I had Brian Barta up from Sebastapol a few days ago for another trip on the Lower Sac. In short, I can tell you that we had nothing short of an epic day. One of the coolest aspects of guiding is being able to watch anglers improve their skills over the course of a day and in Brian’s case over the course of a season. Brian has been fly fishing for less than a year and has made tremendous strides in his game. I’m not just talking about the mechanics (casting, mending, playing fish) I’m talking about the intangibles, his “fishy senses” are starting to really show. Watching this all come together from the rowers bench the past few months has been pretty cool. Precise casts, timely mends, and solid hook sets got us into a mess of fish on this dreary, drizzly day. For more reports and goodness check out Shasta Trout.

Lower Sac - Brian with another

Lower Sac - Brian at the end of an epic day

Lower Sac - Brian staring the morning off right


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